Top Reasons to visit Kilchattan Bay


Kilchattan Bay is a visual feast. Big skies, ever changing lighting, clouds, rainbows, sunrises and dark skies. A lovely crescent beach and a vast seascape.


Kilchattan Bay is the archetypal seaside village location. For day trippers to the seaside, a great sandy beach for walks or relaxing in sunny weather. Plenty of bird watching opportunities on the tidal flats, a shipping lane with all sorts of vessels passing by. Fishing off the pier, leisure craft anchoring in the bay, a local tea room and self catering accommodation available for longer stays.

Peace & Tranquility

Kilchattan bay is small, just a long row of houses really, with a small pier. So it’s a perfect spot for some quiet time.


Kilchattan Bay is the official starting point for the West Island Way. The West Island Way is a long distance footpath around Bute. The first section is a circular walk starting and finishing in Kilchattan Bay, so its an ideal day walk too.

Kilchattan Bay boat at the pier
Kilchattan Bay Pier

You can walk on the beach and also take the path to the beach on the opposite coast of the island only half an hour walk away.

Locally you have the tearoom or The Kingarth Hotel, both excellent options as part of your planning.